Scaffolding Health and Safety

We take scaffolding health and safety very seriously. Our experienced and qualified team never take shortcuts and comply with the latest rules and regulations at all times. Working at height, working on building and construction sites, and operating tools and machinery, each present their own risks. As such, we take great care to ensure all our staff, and those using our scaffold structures, are aware of all the precautions that should be taken.

Keeping Our Scaffolding Up to Par

Every safety measure we implement is intended to prevent injuries as a result of falls or falling objects. Thus, we make sure every single scaffold erection we build is up to par, which includes:

Safety Compliant

We are highly experienced installers and fully compliant with both TG20:13 and SG4:10 direction. The TG20:13 guidance centres on best practice and governs the materials and methods of construction used in safe scaffolding erection. Meanwhile, the SG4:10 focusses on fall preventing and safe working, which motivates the safety measures implemented to always keep our team and our customers safe. We are committed to providing safe work environments for ourselves and third parties using our structures. Get in touch for information on our safety measures.

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